ten Ways For a Book Author to Share Free Content on the Net

Book authors sell their books — the fruits associated with their writing work. Thus it may seem counter-intuitive to suggest that, with regard to online book marketing success, book authors must be willing to share abundant free content.

Why is this?

On the particular Internet people will be usually looking with regard to relationships (connections) ahead of buying something. Even if the book author has an effective website instructions one that tends to make it immediately very clear what’s available in addition to provides an easily visible BUY key, this effective website is often not enough independently to be able to motivate purchasing the author’s book.

Let’s seem at 10 ways that fiction and nonfiction authors can reveal free content:

1 ) Offer a free sample chapter about their websites and other sites close to the Internet.

two. Write a weblog with information based upon their book or even on another fascination.

3. Provide guide group discussion queries.

4. Leave considerate comments on other’s blog posts.

your five. Engage in conversations about Twitter.

6. Compose articles and post these to write-up directories like Article city. com.

7. Get involved in groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

8. Write book reviews on Amazon.

9. Write brief book review comments on Glue. com.

10. Upload several chapters or the particular entire book to be able to fReado. com.

Now let’s discuss what all this free content sharing truly does:

? Perhaps most important, it demonstrates that you can without a doubt write well : that your particular book is definitely probably well-written.

? It also demonstrates that you are not just away to sell your own books. You have in mind joining with readers. In fact, readers can easily contact you directly at social press sites such seeing that Twitter.

? Third benefit? You may have just published enough new material to compile directly into an eBook of which you can promote off your site.

? And, finally, it does assist you to promote your books due to the fact people are told of you and your book from different places all-around the Web. How many times have an individual made a decision to buy some thing and after that forgotten to buy it? Along with your name plus writing examples across cyberspace you’ve offered potential fans along with subtle reminders with regards to your book.

Some authors are concerned of which others will “steal” their material in the event that that material will be so readily av ai lable. My partner and i believe you have to be willing to take this slight risk in purchase to reap the higher probability of possessing people become serious in your writing.

Although some freelance writers are happy in order to write simply for by themselves, most writers would like as big a reading general public as possible. Staying ready to share free content on typically the Web can help book authors appeal to a wider fan base.